At Apple&PC Customs we like to include the customer through every step of the process. Whether it is simply purchasing a product, down to workshops and learning the fine print behind technology. We specialize in custom builds, from simple to extreme, where you can either have it built, or learn with our workshops and see your idea come to life. As well as networking(file sharing, printers, servers). Apple&PC setup, troubleshooting and virus and malware removal. We take care of everything from turning your computer on to the most extreme circumstances. 


Our Mission

Our Goal is to take that headache from dealing with technology away turn it into a fun and unforgettable experience. To give you the best customer experience in Computers and technology possible that you can take with you and will last a lifetime. Weather it is from a workshop, or an immersive buying experience, that is what sets us apart from the rest. As well as our prices.

Apple&PC customs treated me as one of their own, and helped me take my idea and turn it into something not just real, but something i use day to day.
— Sam P - Extreme build customer

What We've Achieved

  • Over 312 pounds of correctly recycled computer parts, to further better the enviroment 
  • 93% customer satisfaction and striving day to day to raise the bar.
  • 100% rate of on time and correct delivery of customers orders.
  • Day to Day goals to acheive more and give our customers better service to the extent they deserve